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HelloSign is hiring Elixir engineers in SF/Mountain View/Austin/Seattle/NY (full-time only) [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Elixir/Phoenix fullstack @ Capital Markets in Big Canadian Bank (Jersey City, but some remote ok) [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Erlang/Elixir developer at Arago GmbH (Germany, Full time, m/f/d) [Elixir Jobs] (1)
New function `DateTime.from_iso8601!` [Suggestions & Proposals] (3)
Phoenix generator for master proxy [Suggestions & Proposals] (2)
Elixir/Phoenix fullstack @ french startup (Lyon, France, but remote ok) [Elixir Jobs] (7)
Grain - Backend Engineer - San Mateo CA [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Erlang/Elixir developer at Kobil Systems GmbH (Germany/Remote, Full time, m/f/d) [Elixir Jobs] (1)
1 month Gig to bring elixir to our SMS Hub product [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Elixir Backend Developer at Teamweek - Remote [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Senior Elixir Developer [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Rename File.rename/2 to [Suggestions & Proposals] (11)
Add inner_join method to Enum [Suggestions & Proposals] (6)
FortniteBountyHunters - an esports platform for mini-cash tournaments [Showcase & Adoption] (5)
Instinct Science is hiring an Experienced Elixir Developer - Remote / Full-Time [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Why bet365 (with 22m customers) use Elixir and Erlang [Showcase & Adoption] (17)
Full Stack Developer (m/f) Stuttgart [Elixir Jobs] (2)
Proposal: path based Phoenix modules naming [Suggestions & Proposals] (5)
Sr. Elixir Engineer at JiXler (Remote; Full time) [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Looking for Elixir Engineers in São Paulo, Brazil (On site, remote is considered) [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Experienced Ruby/Rails developer looking for Elixir work [Dev Profiles] (1)
Asking for one day of consulting on clustering problems [Elixir Jobs] (2)
Elixir / Erlang Developer - Remote - PayBear [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Language Suggestion: Extendable pattern matching [Suggestions & Proposals] (8)
Proposal: @docp for private function documentation and doctests [Suggestions & Proposals] (15)
Software Development Internship (Toulouse/France, On site) [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Elixir Software Engineer - Gartner Digital Markets (GetApp) - Barcelona - Full-time [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Full Stack Developer (Berlin, Full-time) [Elixir Jobs] (3)
PSPDFKit is hiring Full Stack Engineers (Vienna/Remote, Full-time) [Elixir Jobs] (3)
Proposal to move project configuration under specific keys [Suggestions & Proposals] (5)