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Language Suggestion: Extendable pattern matching [Suggestions & Proposals] (1)
Proposal: @docp for private function documentation and doctests [Suggestions & Proposals] (15)
Software Development Internship (Toulouse/France, On site) [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Elixir Software Engineer - Gartner Digital Markets (GetApp) - Barcelona - Full-time [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Full Stack Developer (Berlin, Full-time) [Elixir Jobs] (3)
PSPDFKit is hiring Full Stack Engineers (Vienna/Remote, Full-time) [Elixir Jobs] (3)
Proposal to move project configuration under specific keys [Suggestions & Proposals] (5)
AST traverse API: important for Elixir source code tooling [Suggestions & Proposals] (5)
Platform Engineer at TaxJar (US only, Remote, Full-time) [Elixir Jobs] (3)
Elixir Engineer at Telnyx (Remote, Full-time) [Elixir Jobs] (7)
Sr. Elixir developer in Toronto (Help with sponsorship) [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Elixir/Erlang and Javascript developer [Dev Profiles] (1)
Full-Time backend Elixir/RoR developer wanted for Berlin [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Back End Engineers Wanted for NYC and Sofia [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Elixir Developer for fin-tech app (remote, Poland) [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Moodle has chosen Elixir for its new project [Showcase & Adoption] (6)
Full-Stack Developer - Remote [Elixir Jobs] (3)
Remote Backend Developer - Full Time - Remote from Europe [Elixir Jobs] (7)
Back-end Developer (Elixir / Node) [Dev Profiles] (1)
Developer Care - Full Remote from Europe [Elixir Jobs] (1)
Sleeper is hiring Engineers in the SF Bay Area (Full-time, On-site only) [Elixir Jobs] (5)
Internal Guards [Suggestions & Proposals] (6)
Feature Idea: Explicit `recurse` keyword ( 2 ) [Suggestions & Proposals] (22)
Adding a subscription catchup function to Absinthe [Suggestions & Proposals] (3)
Fast EEx, iolist option for EEx engine [Suggestions & Proposals] (17)
Check if a protocol is implemented without raising an error [Suggestions & Proposals] (4)
PSPDFKit is hiring Backend Engineers (Vienna/Remote, Full-time) [Elixir Jobs] (2)
Lead Full Stack Software Engineer at CareDox [Elixir Jobs] (1)
From $erverless to Elixir [Showcase & Adoption] (8)
Full-Stack Engineer for Guardian Trust - Clearwater, FL [Elixir Jobs] (1)