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FortniteBountyHunters - an esports platform for mini-cash tournaments (5)
Why bet365 (with 22m customers) use Elixir and Erlang (17)
Moodle has chosen Elixir for its new project (6)
From $erverless to Elixir (8) - Free Open Source CRM with Phoenix Framework & Vuejs (8) a new way to get funding for your open source (5) - made with Elixir + Phoenix (15)
Elixir at Pagerduty (4) build on Elixir! (1)
Choosing Elixir's Phoenix to power a real-time Web UI (2)
How WePay are using Elixir for a CLI platform (4) a logging proxy for development (1)
Saving millions with Elixir and Erlang (2)
Aircloak - anonymized analitycs (6)
Ex338 - web app to manage a fantasy sports league (2)
URL shortener with GenServer & Registry (3)
My first small project - Youtube videos synced with channels (3)
StorySnacks - narrate bite sized stories (1)
DBLSQD - Release & Update Server for Mobile & Desktop (3)
ePrayer iOS app with Elixir backend (1)
Crimson Aegis - Data loss prevention for Slack (3)
How Discord Scaled Elixir to 5,000,000 Concurrent Users (4)
Summary Brew - summaries for articles, books, podcasts, videos and research papers (1)
My first Phoenix project, Startup Job which is for searching startup jobs scraped from several websites (2) - a livechat plugin built with Phoenix (8)
Sceopa - an open source blogging platform (17)
How Elixir helped Bleacher Report handle 8x more traffic (5)
EmailThis - My new side project built with Elixir/Phoenix (10)
Sleeperbot - Elixir and React-native app (2)