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About the Your Libraries & Projects category [Your Libraries & Projects] (1)
Cldr version 1.8 and friends released with CLDR version 34 [Libraries] (1)
Introducing New Relic's Open Source Elixir Agent [Libraries] (11)
Ecto 3.0-rc is out and stable API [Libraries] (12)

Hi everyone, We are glad to announce the release candidate for Ecto 3.0 is out. To use the release candidate, you can update your dependencies list as follows. If you are using Ecto SQL, you have to depend directly on E…

ExAdmin - An Administrative Framework for Phoenix [Libraries] (9)
Drab: remote controlled frontend framework for Phoenix ( 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 ) [Libraries] (446)
Presenting Aviacommerce, open source e-commerce in Elixir [Libraries] (8)
PhoenixUndeadView - let's discuss optimization possibilities for something like Phoenix LiveView ( 2 3 4 ) [Libraries] (64)
Gossip, a cross game (text-based) chat platform [Projects] (5)
ParamPipe - parameterized pipe in Elixir ( 2 ) [Libraries] (29)
Planga: Seamless Chat Integration Service [Projects] (7)
SimpleGraphqlClient - an Elixir graphql client [Libraries] (1)
Scenic as a game dev tool [Projects] (11)
ServerSentEvent library for parsing and consuming as a Client [Libraries] (7)
Bargad - A Data Integrity framework for building efficient blockchains [Projects] (1)
AppDoctor: proactive support (SaaS in development made with Elixir) [Projects] (7)
Samly - Add SAML SSO to your Phoenix application (now with multiple identity provider support) [Libraries] (18)
Pow: Robust, modular, extendable user authentication and management system ( 2 ) [Libraries] (31)
Announcing a new MySQL driver: MyXQL [Your Libraries & Projects] (1)
My first deployed website using phoenix! [Projects] (1)
PlanetEx: An employee blog aggregator [Projects] (3)
Scenic Starter Pack - Scenic Starter with Live Reload [Libraries] (3)
Introducing Scrumex: an open source agile management tool written in Elixir [Projects] (2)
Tensorflex: Tensorflow bindings for Elixir [Libraries] (16)
VaultConfigProvider - A Config Provider for reading Vault Secrets [Libraries] (1)
Meeseeks - A library for extracting data from HTML and XML with CSS or XPath selectors ( 2 3 ) [Libraries] (55)
ExVenture - Text based MMORPG [Projects] (1)
Elixium - A POW Blockchain Built with Elixir [Projects] (1)
Giza Sphinx Search - Fulltext search client [Libraries] (1)
Datex - A simple user friendly date and time library [Libraries] (3)