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About the Projects category (2)
Gossip, a cross game (text-based) chat platform (5)
Planga: Seamless Chat Integration Service (7)
Scenic as a game dev tool (11)
Bargad - A Data Integrity framework for building efficient blockchains (1)
AppDoctor: proactive support (SaaS in development made with Elixir) (7)
My first deployed website using phoenix! (1)
PlanetEx: An employee blog aggregator (3)
Introducing Scrumex: an open source agile management tool written in Elixir (2)
ExVenture - Text based MMORPG (1)
Elixium - A POW Blockchain Built with Elixir (1)
GitGud, GitHub clone entirely written in Elixir ( 2 ) (27)
Uderzo - drawing pretty pictures with Elixir (18)
Interactive Elixir in a web browser (6)
Shorten - A simple, API only, Phoenix link shortener with minimal dependencies (1)
IntelliJ Elixir - Elixir plugin for JetBrain's IntelliJ Platform ( 2 3 ) (55)
Greyhound - Event bus platform for Elixir (3)
Seeking contributors for Elixir Quiz (7)
Ideas for projects (6)
Introducing ElixirLS, the Elixir Language Server ( 2 3 4 ) (71)
Blockchain based cryptocurrency proof-of-concept (3)
Mipha - Open source forum built with Phoenix (6)
Freshcom API - an open source eCommerce project using Phoenix (3)
Localio fork: generate .po files for Elixir's gettext from Google Sheets (1)
Pallium Network: distributed computation network for machine learning (4)
Jaxon: A very fast and flexible JSON parser with streaming support (2)
Application using GenStage with pretty tracing for studying purposes (1)
Android app "Exec Elixir" (7)
Jenkins_junit_exporter for prometheus (1)
Shifumi: a rock-paper-scissors made with Elixir/Phoenix and React/Redux (1)