1 Gigalixir instance hosting multiple HTTPS sites

Is it possible to have 1 gigalixir deployment support multiple HTTPS sites? The sites are all very much similar and share a database. Each HTTPS site requires a separate IP address, yes? I think this is a tricky problem… we want maybe 10 or 20 sites that are all similar (part of the same business). They are all simple sites, so I do not think traffic will be a problem for a single install of Phoenix. But if each site requires HTTPS I think that means that each site needs its own deployment. That makes it very much harder to share code.

What are good ideas for solving this type of problem?

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Yes, you can setup a reverse proxy to proxy requests to each application. Dokku makes this easy using Nginx.

Alternatively, you can use something like MasterProxy. See here: Mapping subdomains to umbrella apps through master proxy

It seems you just need to add custom domains, and gigalixir will use cert-manager to fetch a free certificate from LetsEncrypt.



If that’s possible, then the pricing structure for Gigalixir got a lot more appealing to me.

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Requiring a single IP per HTTPS site is no longer a limitation of HTTPS due to SNI: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication


I did not know of this!

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