2019/09/21 - Spawnfest - Planet Earth

Registration for SpawnFest 2019 is OPEN!
You can start building your teams and get ready to play on September 21st & 22nd!

We updated the rules this year with 2 major changes:

  • You’ll be able to watch the action LIVE, since all repos will be public from the start! :scream:
  • We added a deadline for our judges, that way you know when the results will be published and you don’t panic thinking we forgot about that :slight_smile:

And, as usual, we’re looking for sponsors. We have a very cool form where you can register your company and provide prizes for the contest.


We have all the judges lined up now. Thanks @michalmuskala, @lmcastro, @rrrene, Norberto (is he not in this forum?), @anna.grzybowska and @jj1bdx for joining us this year!


Sorry @anna.grzybowska, I actually meat to tag Anna Neyzberg, who doesn’t seem to have a user here…


Geat News! We have a new platinum sponsor this year!
It’s DigitalOcean and now you can win credits and a sammy t-shirts, too!

Check it out: https://spawnfest.github.io/#prizes


We want to announce another sponsor and even more prizes!!

Now, thanks to our newest golden sponsor æternity, you can win 500USD in æternity tokens!

Registration is open at https://spawnfest.github.io/#registration

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…and yet another sponsor is coming up!

But this time, it’s a special one since it’s a media sponsor (To be honest, we’re still
learning what that means :stuck_out_tongue:).
Anyway, thank you LambdaClass!

In case you don’t know them, they’re the folks behind such awesome things as Not A Monad Tutorial and the Spawned Shelter.

We’re super-glad to have them on board!


Are you ready for the #SpawnFest?
There’s only two months left!
Get your team ready and join us!


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Hey, elixir devs!! Just like last year, we’re less than a month away from the contest and we still have almost as many teams as prizes. So, by registering your team you are practically guaranteed to get a prize! :scream:
And you know… participation is 100% FREE!!

Get your team ready and join us on September 21st/22nd: https://spawnfest.github.io/#registration

Registration closes in a few hours, hurry up people!!

The contest is about to start, we have 21 teams competing for some amazing prizes.
And this time you can watch it LIVE since the repos are public.
Follow us on Twitter to find the latest news…

The contest is over!
While we wait for the judges to review the entries, you can go check them out for yourself in the link below and give some stars :dizzy: to your favorite projects!


We have the #winners!!
Congratulations @evadne , @holsee and Brandon (a.k.a. TheBodgemasters):

You won Spawnfest 2019!!