2021 Elixir Ecosystem Survey Volunteer Thread

I am going to start getting things together for the 2021 Elixir Ecosystem Survey. This year I’d like to do the following:

  • develop a LiveView app that can run the survey instead of using Typeform
  • develop a data vis for the survey reslts
  • have comparison between previous year data
  • assess 2020’s questions to see what can be removed/added/changed

Hugo Baraúna put in a lot of time of converting the Typeform data dump over to a postgres dump file. This should be good starting point for us. Volunteers would be great to help with this effort. Please respond to this thread if you’d like to help and I can coordinate a Zoom for sometime this month.


I’d like to help on the data viz and analysis side. I can take a look at the data for 2020 as well.

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Sounds interesting, I could be of help with the liveview part. (I am in European timezone though)

@bcardarella would you be interested in this being a project through the Foundation? The Industrial Erlang User Group (the precursor to the foundation) had run an Erlang survey years ago but the person who handled it is no longer involved, so unable to get help from someone who’s done something like this before.

Also, curious what opinions are on surveys across the BEAM and if it would be reasonable to have a single one or need to develop three separate Elixir, Erlang and shared BEAM surveys?

Actually, now that I think more about it it might be useful to also do per-Working Group surveys. I know I’d be interested in information from users for the Build/Packaging and Observability working group.

Not trying to make more work for you :slight_smile: but hope if we organize it through the Foundation there will be more help for you and prevent duplicated efforts.


Not sure I’ll be able to help this year, but I’d like to follow the work (and be in the loop) to to see if I’ll be able to help.

I would like to help on this project in any way I may be a fit.

if you are going to develop it, then please make it opensource, so that we can contribute as well

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I also think it should be open source.

:wave: happy to help, like @tristan mentioned it would be nice to have a survey for all BEAM users. having a survey per WG seems to much, put perhaps each WG can ask for some feedback

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Thanks everyone for volunteering. I’ll contact everyone to invite to a Zoom meeting for kickoff.

Missed the topic before. Please include me as well, if there’s place left.

I took a first pass at the data for the 2020 survey (repo). It’s a quick and dirty look at the most basic results. I presented the analysis as a walk-through in case anyone is interested on how the results are produced.

There are a few issues with the 2020 data and will require some work to get it to a point where the information can be useful. Most notably are the many free text entries, which would need to be categorized into themes, to draw any meaningful conclusions from it. Having said that, I think a little attention to design and presentation of the graphs and having the results hosted on a website would go a long way.

For the 2021 survey, I think @Tristan brings up a good point, of whether or not it should be a BEAM Ecosystem Survey rather than specific to Elixir; you would have to mix in language specific questions for unique insights about a language/community. I think this would really depend on what others see as the objective and scope of this survey and the time and availability of those building it.


Hi everyone, please provide your name / email on this form so I can reach out to you about attending the kick off meeting: https://forms.gle/gnMHXVxFNidB2aTM9

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