A chat-centered web application from scratch to help people get to know and help each other at work

Building a chat-centered web application from scratch to help people get to know and help each other at work.

About me

My name is Shan. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I am a freelancer too! Currently I am working with some local firms with their e-commerce solutions (non-elixir) and it looks like I will be quite busy with that for at least the next few months. In my free time I have been learning a bit of Elixir and Phoenix. I thought of starting to hack together this idea myself, but I think I would much rather work together with and learn from a experienced Elixir developer.

I prefer written communication. I’m expecting the bulk of our dialogue after the preparation phase to happen via email or GitHub due to time zone differences or working hour preferences. The rest of the time I hope chat would suffice.

About the work

I want to break this into three phases:

  1. Preparation (5 - 10 hours): I can brief you a bit more about the idea and we can chat about the tech stack and the main features. Following this I would like to extend the session to get more in depth about the features and start populating the backlog. Hopefully at the end of the phase we can end up with a thorough understanding of the work.
  2. MVP (2 - 4 weeks): The idea I have for this app is relatively simple and I hope we can produce a working version that covers most of the core features after this phase. I can allocate about 10-15 hours a week and can pick up most if not all of the frontend work. What I’m looking for is someone who has a lot of experience in Elixir and values clean code.
  3. Beta-launch/evaluation: I would like to to test this out and gather some feedback as soon as possible. If I’m satisfied with the state of the app at this point I would love to continue with another phase of enhancements and refinements. If you are also still interested we can discuss how we can keep working together.

About the interview process

Send me a few sentences about your background and your rate. Please also include links to some previous work you have done. I highly value in being able to learn from someone who can produce a clean Elixir codebase.

Like mentioned above, I prefer written communication and if we can do the interview through chat that would be ideal. If you prefer voice call that is totally fine too. I’m hoping to keep the interview short, around 20 minutes. The links to your previous work will have a lot of impact in the application process, so during the interview I just want to find out a bit more about who you are and if it feels like we can work well together.

About the payment structure

Since this is initially a quite short project, I want you to have confidence in our collaboration and make frequent payments. The first one is to be directly after the preparation phase (we can include the interview time here too). Subsequently I suggest one payment at the end of each week.

The budget is somewhat flexible. If after 4 weeks we feel like we need a bit more time to finish the MVP, that shouldn’t be any problem if we have already happily worked together until that point.

I hope we can have daily communications with email briefings and GitHub code review. This way neither side has to be surprised prior to each payment.

Finally, I would like to mention that this is the first time I’m looking to hire someone to help me with a code project. Any questions and/or feedback is more than welcome. Thanks for taking your time to review this post.

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