A few questions about the description of Elixir

I have a few questions about the description of Elixir:

  1. is elixir orthogonality language?
  2. is elixir strong or weak typing language?
  3. is elixir considered as flexibility language?

Well, orthogonality means to not change more than one thing at a time, IIRC, so under my interpretation elixir is orthogonal, as it never changes anything…

Everything in elixir (the BEAM in general) is immutable.

But maybe there are some more academic interpretations…

Strong but dynamic.

What do you mean by this?


Elixir does display orthogonality. It provides a small number of primitive types and with simple ways to combine them. At the same time you can create powerful constructs from those simple beginnings.

Elixir is strongly typed and uses dynamic typing of variables.

Flexibility is in the eyes of the beholder. Elixir can be used for general purpose programming. It does have some contexts (concurrency and fault tolerance) where it is strong, and other contexts (GUI based applications) where it is less well suited. Still a clever programmer can work around it’s weaknesses.

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