A Video Tutorial Series to build an open source project using Elixir + Phoenix


This morning, I just started to make a video tutorial series from scratch without talking, and thinking in runtime, searching online, learning through the documentation, and coding while recording my whole screen. This way I think it’s a little bit more sincere and encourages people to start to learn totally a new programming language.

Here’s the YouTube link: Building a location based backend & web frontend app using Elixir + Phoenix. Part 1 - YouTube

Source Code: GitHub - nesimtunc/ThreeHundred60: Source Code for My Elixir + Phoenix Tutorial Video on YouTube

I Hope, it’ll be useful for someone.


I enjoyed it. I think it would help if you explained more what you were making at the beginning (location based app is rather vague). This way when we are following along with what you are coding.

I liked the little things like checking for help or checking the documentation page. I also liked that it was fast. Too many videos I watch I have to put on 2x speed just to endure them.

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Thanks for your valuable feedbacks @mantis ! That video was my very first one and it’s totally spontaneously happened.

I’ll bear mind your feedbacks for the next one (probably it will be different one, not the for this serie.) so I’ll DM you to see if it see if it meets your expectations.