About elixir backend positions

I’ve been looking some Elixir opportunities but I noticed that a lot of jobs demands a fullstack elixir developer.
I’m trying to focus on a language that I don’t need to work at frontend, just backend. I’ve been using Javascript at backend and I lost the count how many times I need to do some feature at frontend just because I know javascript. I’m tired of that.
In elixir it happens the same thing because of phoenix/Mvc?
I want to create workers, web apis for microservices architecture or monoliths but totally focused on backend position. Would Elixir a really good choice for me?

Pure Erlang and Elixir positions exist! They are somewhat less common than full stack engineering, sure, but the Phoenix ecosystem leans heavily in that direction. Companies like Datometry (my current company and currently hiring :slight_smile: ), Helium, AdRoll, and Skillz to name a few all have Elixir or Erlang in some form that isn’t full stack focused. Going to the various meetups and Code BEAM conferences is a great way to learn about companies that are hiring for non-fullstack roles with exciting new applications using BEAM!


Unfortunately pure backend positions can be tricky to find, especially at small shops, because of course employers want people as versatile as possible, and while quite a lot of devs who know elixir also know JavaScript (among other languages), there are inversely quite a lot of JavaScript devs who only know JavaScript (but who are often also skilled in css or other frontend concerns. But as far as I know this issue is not confined to elixir…

As it happens my company is looking to hire a mid level elixir dev, and “no JavaScript” is a stipulation I’ll certainly consider for the right applicant :wink: