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If you’re wondering what makes a good discussion, please read on!

Good discussions are the kind of threads which invite a range of opinions - rather than seek a specific answer to something.

Here are some good examples:

  • Which database do you feel complements Elixir most?
  • Which authentication library do you use and why?
  • Which feature would you most like to see in Elixir?
  • Which coding methodologies, principles or architectures do you follow or use with Elixir?
  • What made functional programming ‘click’ for you?
  • What do you think about Microservices?
  • Single Responsibility Principle - what does it mean to you and your Elixir apps?

Here are some examples of threads which are not really discussions…

  • Which database is right for my project? (Should be posted in one of the Help sections as it’s specific to your needs.)
  • Which authentication library should I use? (Again, one the Help sections.)
  • What kind of software architecture would be best for my project? (Ditto!)
  • How do I create this query in Ecto? (Help section again!)
  • Why am I getting this error? (Yup, you guessed it, this is a Help section question)
  • I met José Valim today! (Light-hearted chat like this belongs in the Chat section)
  • Let’s have an Elixir-related photos thread! (Chat section again!)

Generally discussions are a little more serious that light hearted ‘chat’ while being much broader than a Q&A. One benefit of a Discussions section is that as these kinds of threads usually have a longer life-span, people can jump into a discussion 3 months or even 3 years down the line. As with everything on the forum, discussions should be amicable and ‘add something of value’ to the forum.

While every now and again a debate might ensue from a discussion (or in fact any thread on the forum), please remember these should be participated in in good faith and be free of condescending, rude or abrasive tones :slight_smile:

Please don’t be surprised if we edit threads or titles to make them more suitable for this section.

Enjoy! :023:

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