About the mix phoenix.gen.json params

  1. I am using hoenix.gen.json to generate the controllers,models, and migrate file. and known the field type has integer,string etc, Where i’ll get the list to know the all field type, does it support the timestamps?
    ** (Mix) Unknown type timestamp given to generator.
  2. If i already generate that file and db table, then i change some field, how to regenerate this all(overwrite all files without confirm) with the one line command?
  1. That would be a custom type, do you want it as a string, an object, etc… etc… Things like Timex already have Poison JSON protocol filled out as I recall. :slight_smile:
  2. That command just dumps in some filled templates, it does not really generate anything. If you want to recreate the files from template then delete the existing ones and run the command again. It is very simple to just edit the files it created though and that is what should be done.

I think only the case, thanks for the answer