Absinthe Subscriptions handle socket disconnect

Hello there!
I have the following problem: I have customer facing site and backoffice and I would like to show online status in backoffice using graphql subscriptions. Let’s assume that I don’t have direct access to Phoenix channels and for me it’s not possible to use channels at all, I have only absinthe subscriptions. How can I detect that socket connection is closed for a specific user in absinthe subscription level. OFC that is easy to do in plain phoenix channels but when it comes to absinthe there I couldn’t find any proper way to do this. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

I am not familiar how absinth is working with phoenix sockets, but seems like you need to use https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix/Phoenix.Presence.html + https://hexdocs.pm/phoenix/Phoenix.Channel.html#c:terminate/2

Someone posted an issue about this on Absinthe Phoenix (looks like you?) and I replied there: https://github.com/absinthe-graphql/absinthe_phoenix/issues/39

Thanks, answered on github. :+1: