Access nerves-livebook with token sent as URL parameter


I have Phoenix app and authenticated user within this app wants to access nerves_livebook on rpi device.
On nerves_livebook I have token authorization enabled. I’d like to set token to current_user_token and then acces nerves_livebook like http://nerves.local/?token=current_user_token.
Then user logs out and later wants to acces nerves_livebook (another session, new token) with another token.
Is it possible to set token to new token without rebooting nerves?

thanks a lot for reply

Not at the moment. Can you expand on the use case? Why is this important? :slight_smile:

I’m offering nerves-livebook on rpi to users. They will be able to “play” with some hardware experiments attached to rpi. I want to restrict access to only one user at once.
When user quits experiment, next one can use the same rpi the very next moment, without waiting for reboot.
I’m open for other solutions.

I will think about it but nothing comes up at the moment. :frowning: Some custom feature will mostly be required.

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Thanks anyway.
I’ll try to find the best user friendly solutions for now. :blush: