Accessing stream from socket in handle_param

in my handle_param I used IO.inspect(socket) and my assigns is below

How am I able to access streams.checkin? It doesn’t seem to have the data rows from the table.

This is the line of code used to stream the data to the client:

   {:ok, stream(socket, :checkins, Customer.list_active_checkins())}

partial output from IO.inspect(socket):

assigns: %{
    __changed__: %{},
    checkin: nil,
    current_user: %EvikeEventPhx.Outpost.User{
      __meta__: #Ecto.Schema.Metadata<:loaded, "outpost_users">,
      outpost_users_id: 1,
      outpost_users_username: "jshen",
      outpost_users_pw: "1111",
      outpost_id: 5,
      outpost_users_firstname: "Jason",
      outpost_users_lastname: "Shen",
      outpost_users_pin: "1111",
      customers_id: 1584159,
      status: 1,
      access_admin: 1,
      access_pos: 1
    event_name: "Evike Outpost Houston/High Ground Airsoft Airsoft Palooza 2023",
    flash: %{},
    live_action: :index,
    page_title: "Listing Checkins",
    streams: %{
      checkins: %Phoenix.LiveView.LiveStream{
        name: :checkins,
        dom_id: #Function<3.113057034/1 in>,
        inserts: [],
        deletes: []

Thank you.