ActivityStreams - prior art for Elixir / Erlang?

Hey there,

Working on some “Activity Feed” stuff at present (in an open source project, so it’ll be out there soon enough), and cursory googling didn’t turn up any prior art in Erlang or Elixir for the ActivityStreams specification.

I figured I’d reach out to the forum and see if anyone had done anything here yet. If not, maybe I can extract something useful from this project as a library once I’ve got something working.



Not seen anything like this yet. How does it work anyway, just a JSON specification (so basically RSS?) or does it actually ‘push’, or…?

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It’s just a JSON specification, but any reasonable implementation would have builders and whatnot. In Elixir, I’d expect pipeline functions to provide a nice builder API. I’ll likely end up building something for (a subset of?) it, because y’know, specs are neat :slight_smile:


I would be interested in using a library to build Activity Streams. I’m currently using an Ecto schema and a couple of tables to store the activity data for an app I’m building.

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ActivityStream version 2 or 1? I have a java implementation at work, but considering doing an Elixir version myself.

  1. I shall always live on the bleeding edge, for better or worse (almost
    always worse)
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Let me know when you publish something. I’d be happy to contribute.