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In this thread we’ll publish all articles written in the Adroll Engineering Blog that are related to Elixir


Let’s start with one about how to use dialyzer on a huge project without slowing down your development process.


Should be using Erlex for the warning pretty printing =)

Except they seem to be using rebar3 and erlang, not elixir, so an erlang format is probably much better for them. ^.^

Oh fair. I didn’t read closely enough. Thought they were just invoking with erlang.

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New blog post about the relationship between AdRoll Group and The Erlang Ecosystem Foundation:


New article about the rebar3 format plugin that we created with @juanbono and Diego Calero:


New article about Hank


Hank is interesting. However, it did seem to callout function definitions that have variables prefixed with _ as ‘having unused variables’. Worth filing a GitHub issue?

It only warns you about them if they’re in fact unused. That’s the whole point.
I explained the situation in further detail (and with some examples) in this discussion.

In a nutshell: The warning is not about unused variables, it’s about unneeded function parameters.

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Ah I see there is already mention of behaviors and a way to silence the error :wink: Thanks!