Airbrakex with umbrella project

Hello, I’m trying to setup Airbrakex in my Umbrella project. I’ve been able to make it work by adding the configuration present on the project README in the mix.exs. My question is, how can I change the Logger level for each app, according to the environment that is running? For instance, if it is running in development, I don’t want anything sent to Airbrake, but if it is production I want all the errors to end up in there. My first approach was to add a config folder in each of the apps and add a elixir file for each of the environments with the logger level configuration, but it doesn’t seem to override the default configuration.

It looks like you want to use the ignore option on the Airbrakex logger to specify what to include or not. If the metadata table from logger is available then you can just check that for what to do. :slight_smile: