Alternative to Ueberauth for OAuth

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I’m trying to implement user authentication using Github so I use Ueberauth with Ueberauth_github provider but the problem is Ueberauth_github depends on Poison but Phoenix 1.4 uses Jason and not Poison so probably adding Poison seems redundant imo.

So I’m asking if there are some libraries that I can use as replacement to Ueberauth particularly Ueberauth_github that uses Jason by default or the serializer can be change by the developer.

You’ve got to do more work yourself, but only has Poison as a test dependency. There’s also and which have recently been updated for Phoenix 1.4. Either way it’s worth looking at Pow Assent for how the OAuth strategies are implemented.


The problem is that the main OAuth2 library still depends on Poison by default. I’m working on a proper fix for this with PowAssent as it also depends on oauth2.

You should be able to make it work by setting this in you config:

config :oauth2,
  serializers: %{
    "application/json" => Jason

Really excited about pow

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Even on Phoenix 1.4, we still use Ueberauth and a few strategies.
IMHO Poison is still a requirement in a great number of other applications, so you will eventually need it.

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IMHO this is really a non issue, Ueberauth gives you a ton of integrations and you’ll end up doing a lot more work just to avoid a dependency.

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I don’t understand why adding another dependency is that big of an issue what if you need to support twitter auth then you will be adding another dependency (ueberauth_twitter), I would suggest just use ueberauth it is great package and it is widely used.