Another milestone, a new admin and more moderators!

Seems like only yesterday we hit the 1,000 member mark, just a few weeks later we’re now 1200 strong :023:

However that’s not the main news today… we have some fantastic additions to the team!

Robert Virding

We’re very pleased to announce that @rvirding, one of the creators of Erlang, has agreed to join the admin team here :003: We’re sure you will agree this is great news - we now have three of the biggest pillars of Elixir fully represented on the admin team; Erlang, Phoenix and Elixir itself.

New moderators

Please also join us in welcoming the newest additions to our mod team:









We’re sure you’ll agree that we/the community has chosen wisely and that each will be an asset to the forum :icon_cool:

If you were hoping to get on the team yourself, don’t worry, we will continue expanding the team - at least until the end of the year and quite possibly up to a further 8 moderators. We think this is a reasonable number given the speed in which the forum is growing and how it might continue to do so in the coming years.

The future

For a forum that has just turned 3 months old we are growing at a exceptional pace. This is in no small part due to the fantastic members we have here as well the support from well-known figures in the community. The result is a community that is fun, engaging and helpful - for those of us already into Elixir, and welcoming and enticing for those those new to Elixir. With your help, we are sure the forum and Elixir will go from strength to strength - well done everyone :023:


Great news. May Elixir and the Forum have a long and prosper life :grin:


1187 members in 3 monthes!
It is great! :slight_smile:


I really like the community that is being built here. It is full of people looking for help and looking to help others.
I make a point to read every post, and in over 3500 I have only seen a handful that weren’t respectful – that shows what a great community we have!

Keep up the good work, everyone!


Hooray :cake:!

In the short while I’ve been here, I’ve grown really attached to the community. I really feel like this is a place to have good, respectful discussions and I am again and again amazed by how much members do to help each other out.

You are wonderful people :heart:. It is an honour to be here :slight_smile: .



The public list is only updated once a day - the actual figure is 1207 :wink:

I’ve only seen two posts that were ‘unfortunate’. In both cases I am sure the posters acknowledge they were rash. We’re all human tho and people will make mistakes - it’s acknowledging and learning from them that’s important. But yeah, I agree with the gist of your post, that on the whole, the level of discussion here is extremely high :023: (and if anyone is ever concerned about a post they can PM me or use the community flag/report tools to alert us).

Here here! :003: