Any decent/extensive tutorials out for 1.6?

Hey all! I made a post here a while ago with some concerns about learning Phoenix - the response from the community was awesome and I really appreciate all the support I got. I ended up getting Elixir in Action SE as someone suggested and have dramatically improved my understanding of the language.

Now though I’m wondering if there are any decent tutorials for 1.6 specifically? If not I’m sure I can manage 0- but it’d be nice especially to have something that covers .heex and phx.gen.auth.


It’s still WIP


What’s the ETA on that?

It’s already out> Programming Phoenix LiveView: Interactive Elixir Web Programming Without Writing Any JavaScript by Bruce A. Tate and Sophie DeBenedetto

If you prefer video, this one is also brilliant> Phoenix LiveView Free Course | The Pragmatic Studio

But please note it’s very much focusing on just live view alone, not on phoenix as a whole.


+1 on all content from Pragmatic Studio, those courses are my favorite way to learn. Phoenix LiveView Free Course | The Pragmatic Studio is excellent.


I have access to the paid Pragmatic LiveView Pro course and I haven’t seen it updated to v1.16 yet unless I am missing something?

The course videos have not yet been updated, although they indicated maybe early this year they will do so. However the zip file now contains an ‘final_app_v0.16’ folder with the updated code for LiveView 0.16.4.

Thanks - I just read this post which confirms the same details.

It should be ok to install older version of phoenix/liveview and follow the non-updated tutorial for older version. It’s not like there are huge breaking changes, is it? The tutorial should be about learning the principles. And once you learn that, upgrading to newer version might be a nice test of your newly acquired skills :slight_smile:

Just got an update from PragmaticStudio. They still plan to update the videos early this year, but the notes that go with each video have the updates for 1.6, heex, function components, etc. It’s really an excellent course if you want to learn LiveView…very well done.