Any forum members attending DC |> Elixir?

Living in Reston VA would be a bit of a pain to get there, was wondering if any of the forum members could share their experiences?

Hey @andre1sk! I’m out in Falls Church but my office is in Reston, so I’m there periodically. I’ve been to a variety of the DC Elixir meetups, mostly going in by metro during the day. This usually is pretty easy since the orange / silver lines get you to metro center, then you can either walk or take a 1 stop hop over on the red line.

IIRC there was a Virginia based meetup at one point but I don’t know what its current status is.

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Thanx for the info. I guess will try today :slight_smile: Wonder how many other Elixir forum members are in Reston/NoVA might be fun to organize something.

Yeah agreed. Unfortunately I will not be there today as I’m out in portland, but I’ll be trying to make it to the next one.

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