Any help recreating tutorial based on Rails "Simple messaging system"?


Could someone help me with translating this:

into elixir/phoenix?

Hi @zervis can you elaborate a bit about what sort of help you are looking for? If your goal is to “translate” that whole blog post into Phoenix then I’m sure people would be happy to provide feedback on an effort you start, but I don’t think it’d be reasonable to ask someone to do that for you.

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Like @benwilson512 said above, it’s unclear if you want help implementing a simple messaging system or translating a RoR tutorial into an Elixir/Phoenix tutorial.

If the former, I’d suggest looking up and reading through some of the many Elixir/Phoenix specific tutorials around implementing chat/messaging. Thanks to OTP and abstractions like Phoenix Channels, Elixir/Phoenix makes it much easier to implement soft real time communication features like chat/messaging. Here are a few resources to get you started: