Anyone get Sublime Text 3 (ST3) to work with elixir-ls?

I followed the instructions from @mroach here: Introducing ElixirLS, the Elixir Language Server but can’t get elixir-ls to work with Sublime Text 3 (ST3).

It does trigger the launch of elixir-ls in the background (status bar says it is “Starting elixir-ls” then I can see the process with ps -ax | grep elixir) but after that it doesn’t seem to do anything and the console shows no errors.

It seems ST3’s popularity has waned a lot in the past year unfortunately. I like it since it is faster and much lighter than the Electron-based editors but still offers a more approachable configuration/interface/learning curve vs neovim/spacemacs/etc.

Is there a different recommended setup/package to get autocomplete, go to definition, docs, find all references, etc to work after installing the official “Elixir” syntax highlighting package?

To me Elixir + SuperElixir extensions are good enough, also Sublime Text has some default useful shortcuts, like Go To Definition (F12) or Find All References (Alt + F3).


During the initial dialyzer run that the LS does, it might do nothing but heat up your room. I see the same behaviour in VS code and Emacs as well.

For projects that already have all dialyzer info available (build by the LS), warm up and indexing is much faster.

Sadly the initial indexing of a project may take ages (at least it feels like that). Depending on the size of your project and your machine 5 to 15 minutes are a realistic time to wait.

Just check using htop or similar tools. As long as there are beam.smp processes hogging your CPU, you shouldn’t expect much from the LS.


Hi @NobbZ,

Yeah, I’ve seen that in VSCode after upgrading Elixir. Looking at htop after it is launched by ST3 though it’s barely registering on the CPU. I don’t think it’s building the PLT for some reason. Did you get elixir-ls to work on ST3 or only on VSCode and Emacs?

I think @AstonJ is planning on refreshing the polls soon… will be interested to see how much the text editor situation has changed in the community since the last one ~2 years ago.


No, never tried something else than VScode and Emacs.

Hi @adrianrl, thanks for the advice. Yeah it looks like SuperElixir is the most capable/maintained extension out there if I can’t get elixir-ls to work with ST3… at least the last commit was less than a year ago.