Anyone interested in pairing through Elixir on Exercism v3?

The new version of Exercism is coming out soon™ and I’m considering working through the Elixir track as a point of practice and to see how the new site works. I’m curious if anyone is interested in pairing through some of the exercises with me? My main interest is in observing how other people solve problems, their editor setups, etc. This need not be a BIG commitment but just some casual fun.


I’d be happy to go through it with you. I have the bad habit of leaving this sort of exercises unfinished but I might be able to push through. How would you like to communicate?


I’ve used Live Share with moderate success in a past work environment. Also interested in getting some experience with Tuple if you are up for it. I can bring my personal zoom room too.

Maybe grab some time on my calendar in September. If you prefer weekends I can probably make that happen too (just usually don’t open those up on my work calendar).


I’d be down to try Tuple, but I’m on WIndows at the moment. I’m sure we could make do with Live Share, I’ve had good experiences with it, too.

We could even try and get a Livebook instance going :grin:!

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Live Share looks great.
I usually code on my Pop!_OS laptop, so I guess Tuple is not quite appealing to me, until its Linux version is released.

Livebook is excellent. Just that it works better with Elixir 1.13.0-dev.