App.Endpoint.brodcast/4 asking for handle_out

I am broadcasting a message from a channel handle_in to another topic

  def handle_in(
        %{"block_active" => true, "blocked_user_id" => bid},
        %{assigns: %{user_id: user_id}} = socket
      ) do
    case Accounts.set_block_user(user_id, bid) do
      {:ok, _} ->
        blocked_user_topic = user_topic(bid)

        ChataWeb.Endpoint.broadcast_from(self(), blocked_user_topic, "account_removed", user_id)

        {:reply, :ok, socket}

      {:error, _} ->
        {:reply, :error, socket}

and getting the following error:

** (UndefinedFunctionError) function ChataWeb.UserChannel.handle_out/3 is undefined or private
    (chata 0.1.0) ChataWeb.UserChannel.handle_out("account_removed"

Which causes the channel process to crash.

This is weird to me because I have other similar calls that don’t ask for handle_out


ChataWeb.Endpoint.broadcast_from(self(), interlocutor_topic, "new_msg", msg_payload)

Why is it asking for handle_out in this case specifically?

I think someone answered you on the Elixir Discord, but you most likely are using intercept: Phoenix.Channel — Phoenix v1.6.2