App or library to link to the VideoCore IV GPU (for FFT inputs and results)

Searching around for some code that I can use from Elixir to utilize the FFT routines available on the VC GPU.

[otherwise, is my best “roll-your-own” solution to use Erlang Ports to talk to the Linux support code ?]


That’s cool! I didn’t know that the VideoCore had FFT routines. If I were to integrate them, my first pass would be a port process. I assume that you’re looking at hello_fft. If so, the C code and Makefile in there look like you could copy them over to an Elixir library and use elixir_make to build them. You’ll need to replace the calls to gcc with $(CC) if using Nerves (so that the Nerves can provide the path to the proper cross-compiler).

In the past 3 months, I’ve had 3 or 4 people ask me about FFT libraries in Elixir. I just learned about this one. I hope that you have success with this. I’ll encourage those people who asked me about fft’s to check the forum for this post.