Apple launches new MacBook Air and Mac Mini (and iPad Pro!)



Oh yes, Rome is exciting!


Have a look at this - upgrading Ram isn’t as straight forward as I thought it’d be… “It’s clearly designed to discourage users to upgrade Ram - unlike past Mac mini’s”


Thanks, that video is quite useful! Doing the RAM upgrade seems a bit annoying but still doable.


Are AMD Chips laptops Linux friendly?

Do Linux distros include all the required drivers for this chipsets?

I have a Lenovo with finger print reader and finally gave up trying to make it work. Of course I don’t need it but it’s nice to have.

What are your comments,

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Yes AMD chips work with Linux. Finger print readers on laptops are known not to work due to drivers.


Regarding AMD, they let out more details on Rome today:

(For those who don’t know that web site, the guy is extremely opinionated, very negative about Intel, and in the 2 years since I started reading the site he has turned out to be right every single time he posted something negative about Intel, so I trust his opinion that starting in 2019 AMD is going to take a huge lead on Intel in server performance…)


Thought I’d link this here. Very interesting take on the Apple::Intel relationship. Plus look at those iPad Pro benchmarks! Apple seriously need to give them an OS that can use all that ooomph!


From that article:

The new Air is exactly that: the MacBook most people should buy, and exactly the MacBook everyone has been asking Apple to make.

Yes, but not at that ridiculous price :lol:

IMO 16GB ram and 512GB HD is minimum for a modern computer unless you are a casual user or rely on things like iCloud :confused:


More friendly than any other, they even open source the great majority (trying for all depending on what they are allowed to release) their drivers, such as the AMD Radeon driver is open sourced into Mesa.


For those interested in the Air…

Don’t Buy the New MacBook Air


I watched that along with a few of his other videos. Can’t say I disagree, there doesn’t seem to be many advantages for the Air over the Pro. I think the only one that I’d factor in would be the newer and hopefully more reliable keyboard.


Another scathing video - this time about the Mac Mini:

And I have to say, I have changed my mind since saying this:

That was probably one of their best live events/launches I’ve seen in a long while

On paper, it all looked good, but the price/performance appears to be worse than it ever has been for Apple products. I would love to get a 2018 MBA but I refuse to do so on principle! I love Apple products, but I can’t stand companies that screw their customers - what happened to good, honest business - where companies care about their customers? :frowning_face:


The above video: “Don’t buy the MacBook Air” is showing that even though the MacBook 12" is a little more “expensive” than the new MBA, it’s performing more stably – and if you really need a lightweight machine you should probably buy the 12" variant anyway since the MBA has fans which can get clogged if you often use it on a sofa or a bed…

My main gripe with Apple’s computers are the subpar CPUs. If I want a desktop machine with a solid CPU I either have to buy the maxed out iMac 27" 5k (€5000) or any of the iMac Pro variants which are quite expensive and the maximum configuration goes to €14000.

Everything else uses i5 CPUs… Seriously!

As it is, we have no affordable options if we want to develop on a programmer-friendly desktop Mac. :009:


After using Macbook 2017 (non-touch bar) for 6 months (in comparison with 2 years using 2015 macbook pro):


  1. I don’t know why, but newer generation of macbooks (air and pro) are so easy to get hot. Right now, with my Macbook Pro 2017, I’m just coding some Elixir and JS with emacs and browsing the web with Firefox. The machine’s fan is buzzing like crazy. Looking at Activity Monitor, nothing, no app/program that has significant CPU usage. This never happened to my 2015 macbook pro.
  2. The keyboard is awful. Really awful. Not exaggerating here, but the typing is so loud, *clack *click *clack.
  3. Battery life is disappointing. Portability has its price.


  1. Portability. It is lighter than the 2015 model.
  2. Trackpad is better.

The graphic quality is probably the same. I play Dota 2. Not much difference.


I wonder if it’s more to do with latest OS releases? I don’t think they’re anywhere near as efficient as they make out.

I notice my fans go overdrive when:

  • Doing a time machine back up via usb
  • Downloading any large files off the internet
  • Using graphically intensive programs
  • Lots of tabs in safari


I’m still on High Sierra. Mojave is nothing more than cosmetic stuffs.

This 2017 macbook pro is definitely worse than 2015 model.

battery life => downgraded :-1:
ports (HDMI, USB2, etc) => downgraded :-1: (let’s hope they won’t remove the headphone jack)
keyboard => downgraded :-1:
magsafe => removed :-1:
graphic (3D gaming) => stagnated :-1:
webcam quality => stagnated :-1:

But hey, at least Macbooks work all right, unlike Windows that keeps doing blue screen of death without clear reason.


The fans working more might be related to your SSD being encrypted. I turned off my encryption; if I lose my MacBook, I am screwed anyway.

Mojave fixed a bunch of security problems though, don’t stay on an older version of macOS.


Yeah good point - encryption is on!

Why have you turned it off? At least if it’s on your content can’t be accessed by anyone else - without it anyone can access your content even without your password…


Well, turned out that I lied.

I mistook the FileVault encryption being on for the reason my MBP was regularly turning its fans to 6000RPM. I was wrong though; it simply wasn’t cleaned for a while. So I brought it to a local service shop where they dusted it and changed its thermal paste. Shortly after I re-enabled FileVault and still haven’t had any overheating / fans-on-overdrive problems.

My bad, sorry! In my defense, I remember reading a few people in the Apple forums claiming their MacBooks started spinning the fans less after turning off FileVault. But yeah, I am not gonna do that. I have company data, some database dumps and proprietary code on my machines; they have to be encrypted else I am being unprofessional.