Application inference in Elixir 1.4

Here’s a neat little tip for Elixir 1.4 adopters. :slight_smile:


Thanks, this is great, didn’t even notice! :slight_smile:

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That’s pretty great, I also missed it from the 1.4.0 Changelog. This should also enforce conventions related to deps, right?

Glad this helped! It’s my understanding that it isn’t “smart” about what to load into the applications list, it just loads everything now.

This is a super helpful feature, but it can have side effects based on your existing deps configuration.

I ran into one of them. Solved though!


Ironically, you had to specify runtime: false because of a bug in exvcr. If we had application inference since the beginning, the exvcr folks likely wouldn’t have made a mistake to start with. :slight_smile: