Are Absinthe + GraphQL & React + Apollo still the way to go?

Hi Elixir & Phoenix people,

Are Absinthe + GraphQL & React + Apollo still popular? Are there newer approaches/technologies/libraries that I should learn instead?


I’m using that exact stack and crushing it with it. It’s my dream stack. Couldn’t be happier.

Liveview might be an option if you really keep the UI simple enough. People in this community seem to love it but I find React with Typescript much easier to refactor, change and manage compared to doing everything in .eex files.

It’s actually nice that these stacks are all a few years old, very popular and mostly on v2 or v3.


We use Phoenix + Absinthe on backend, and Typescript + React(with Hooks) on frontend.
It’s been very smooth and we haven’t faced any big issue.

If you use typescript, leverage codegen. It will make your task more robust and development process smoother.
With codegen you can catch graphql change related issues easily.


If I recall correctly @benwilson512 (author of Absinthe) on ep. 2 of the thinking elixir podcast said that they use a mixed approach utilizing graphql apis in the backend for a phoenix based frontend to consume (I might be getting the reference or the details of their stack wrong though- apologies in advance for that)


I’m using Vue 3 + Absinthe + Typescript + Phoenix with everything running over websockets. I’ve found the reactivity API + SSR + routing easier with Vue.


I have been using this same stack with typescript and next.js, it’s great. Also +1 for codegen.