Are you working in a non-English codebase?

Reading this it made me realise that I’m in a slightly different environment. I’m from the Netherlands, a very small country in Western Europe. Since this tiny country feeds the world a lot of us speak English. English is important here because pretty much every business does cross boarder business.

In cities like Amsterdam it’s very likely that you won’t be able to order your coffee and broodje kaas in Dutch.

What I’m trying to say is that I understand better now why people would code in their native language. Like you said, Brazil is very big and there might be companies that only deal within the country.

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For me I think the environment where your code lives can/should dictate the used language, but it should be consistent. I am a native Dutch (Flemish) speaker and am a yearly juror in the school final examination where I get to read the code the students wrote, and I sincerely detest the mixing of languages in function and variable names, things like getMedewerker or updateKlant give me the shivers.