Arguments for!()

How do I pass arguments to

Examples I see on AshHq (shown below) seems to suggest that I should be able to pass any number of arguments needed, but I get!/5 is undefined or private error if I pass 5 arguments separated by comma like!(name,age,city,state,country)!(,
      %{types: socket.assigns[:selected_types]}

I also see!(argument_value, %{}, actor: user) pattern as well here (Discord) but I can’t seem to find any documentation on on this.

Ash 2.17

Found the answer here. So only the required arguments with no defaults should be passed individually and the rest should be in a map.

If you have a minute to copy over some of the text from discord here that would be great, would make it easier for others who are on the hunt for a similar answer.

I believe the key part of the answer from Discord was included in my previous response. (It was a concise answer there to begin with :slight_smile:

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:laughing: right you are. Thanks!