As a front end developer, can I get a job as an Elixir developer?

Hi all,
I have been trying to get a job as an Elixir developer remotely but all the position requires a working experience in either Elixir or other back end languages.

Unfortunately my working experience is in front end and the only experience I have with Elixir is only for my personal side projects[1].

Have any of you guys made the jump from front end to Elixir job?

[1] Inoffice

I have been same job for over 12 years so I might not be best to tell you what to do. But create small interesting project with Elixir and put it to github and share that when you apply for a job?

Yeah that’s what I have been trying. So far based on my search they do prefer working experience than a side projects.

I’m not sure how it is your country but here it is possible to also try to apply intership. Not sure it translates correctly but I mean where you go study working to a company with low salary. In my country goverment supports this so they pay small part of the salary if I remember correctly. Maybe it would be possible to apply for an intership to one of these companies using Elixir as Elixir programmer?