Ash Framework 3.0: Release Candidates

Special Thanks

The Core Team

You’ve all done amazing work, and your help and support is instrumental to Ash’s success.

The community

While there are too many folks to name, I’d like to highlight a few who have made an especially large impact lately.

  • @vonagam | Consistently provides excellent pull requests (often fixing bugs that I personally added :cold_face:)
  • @rbino | Upgraded AshGraphql to support Ash 3.0, one of the largest/most complex upgrades required!
  • @dblack | Upgraded AshPhoenix to support Ash 3.0.

If you’ve been contributing but didn’t get a shout out, please know your contributions are not any less valuable. This only works because we’re all working towards a shared goal, and it’s an amazing privilege to be rowing in the same direction as so many fine folks. I’m currently investigating more ways that we can recognize community members for their great work :slight_smile:


Alembic is funding the time of myself, @jimsynz and often other Alembians to work on Ash. Their willingness to put their money where their mouth is shows not only their conviction that Ash is a better way to build software, but also the calibre of their team. They are putting Ash through its paces on tons of ambitious projects, which drives many of the benefits and improvements that Ash users receive! I’m beyond grateful for their support and expertise.


I’d like to make a special callout to the fine folks running this forum, and the community here. A few months ago we made the choice to focus our support efforts here on ElixirForum. This was unequivocally a good choice! Not only has it helped increase the discoverability of Ash in general(via its wildly good SEO), it also makes sure that our support efforts don’t disappear behind a walled garden. We still have our discord server, and it is a great place to chat and interact with the Ash community, but we encourage users to ask questions here on the ElixirForum primarily. This community is well moderated, kind and helpful! A community is always representative of its leaders, and so I’d like to thank @AstonJ and others for their excellent stewardship.

In fact, now that we’ve got 300 threads we’ve been upgraded to a full 3-section Ash Forum, with dedicated sections for News, Chat, and Questions!

Screenshot 2024-04-02 at 02.57.58