Aspiring Co-founder in London wanted

About us

My name: Nic (CS drop-out, ex Maths wizard, high IQ)
My position: Aspiring Co-founder (intermediate tech skills + business knowledge)
Company name: Not incorporated yet
Website: Unpublished yet.
Company info and history (how you’re using Elixir etc):
I have created a prototype where Elixir will be used as a backend for a publishing startup and verified that want I want to achieve is possible. But as a solo founder things progress very slow and the right thing to do is to delegate tech work to a CTO (I have learnt 2 other languages and 2 frameworks before and it took me a lot of time). It would be useful if you also have Dart experience for the front end.

About the job

Job title: CTO
Job description: Strong tech skills (and nothing more)
Salary range: £2000 + 50% equity (if selected by the Accelerator)
Position on remote work: Must be available in London.
Qualifications or experience required: Ideally CS graduated or relevant programming experience.
What the successful job applicant will be working on:
Its a publishing platform. Nothing extremly difficult, once the business grows could be more work. The novelty is not the technology but the science behind this project could make it the next unicorn.

About the interview process
The rules of the accelerator is that each individual applies for himself/herself and the matching happens there between any members who choose to work together. However I dont want to leave that to chance and I would like to invite one or more programmers who could be my CTO co-founder. I can be straightforward with you and tell which one I favour. Any other candidates who dont match with me could match with other people. The startup accelerator will qualify the successful teams.

Further info
Please send a personal message and we can talk other details.

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Nice to see another UK startup using Elixir :003:

The project itself sounds very intriguing - please keep us updated!