Assign @view_module not available in template

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Attribute error:

I am working through Programming-phoenix-1.4

in the template/layout/app.html.eex file
I inserted the following code.

 <main role="main" class="container">
    <p class="alert alert-info" role="alert">
       <%= get_flash(@conn, :info) %>
    <p class="alert alert-danger" role="alert">
       <%= get_flash(@conn, :error) %>
    <%= render(@view_module, @view_template, assigns) %>

I do not understand the attributes @view_module and @view_template.

In the browser it produces this error.

ArgumentError at GET /
assign @view_module not available in template.

Can anyone explain this.

That way of rendering the child template in a layout was deprecated in Phoenix v1.5 (upgrade instructions) and removed entirely in Phoenix v1.6.

What version of Phoenix are you using?


See this post:


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Phoenix v1.6