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Yeah… I should have figured with the partial highlighting…duh! Glad it’s working. :smiley:

Your theme looks great, mind telling me what theme is it?

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I’m using Seti UI with the yellow colors. There is also a syntax theme as well, which I think is set to steel. It’s a little hard to see some of the highlights in the find/replace boxes, but I love the overall feel. :smiley:

Does anyone know who “msaraiva” is on github? The msaraiva/atom-elixir project has a major bug that needs ironed out (and I put the fix in the issue too), been weeks with no activity…

Ping him on Twitter?

Uh, hmm, if I can remember my twitter password… I don’t use twitter. ^.^

When I posted a jump-to nav issue, it took quite awhile to get a response, but he did indeed respond and confirmed the bug. (It’s still unfixed though :neutral_face:)

Ahh, he may need to bring on another primary contributor…

after long years, I’ve tried Atom and it’s not seems bad, especially I like the syntax highlight for Elixir, however I couldn’t make autocomplete work, coded ever character :smiley: It was a good practice though but it will be boring to check to documentation to remember for small things for sure.

most of the plug-ins are outdated and they crash during usage, I tried to use one by one (only install required package that defined in their README)… Still nothing happened, no settings in Package settings to setup path for Elixir and Erlang as mentioned in the first post here and in the plug-ins’ README.

Anyways, what’s the latest autocomplete package for latest version of Elixir and Phoenix? What do you guys use these days?


I don’t think that there is much effort into any code completion plugin put these days as the LSP is pretty stable and keeps up with elixir changes pretty well.

You should be able to use any generic LSP client for atom with the elixir LSP.

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I almost forgot there is a thing called Atom. It was slow last time I had used it.

I also think it will be superseded or deprecated in the foreseeable future, or at least only continued on a community effort.

Atom is “owned” by GitHub, which is owned by Microsoft, which itself has VScode in it’s portfolio.


I already did that

Either apm install atom-ide-ui OR apm install nuclide
apm install ide-elixir

nuclide is not available anymore.

the autocomplete doesn’t work even for variables names :smiley:

I’ve been using VSCode for a while but Atom’s UI and workspace is much cleaner than it. There’re more space, I can focus on code more. But I also like integrated terminal inside of VSCode.

Since all Microsoft’s, I hope they find a balance between them.

Thanks anyways.

Okay I just found One Dark theme for VSCode and now I’ve almost same env. I’m happy :slight_smile: I already have autocomplete for VSCode.

Lately I’m trying TabNine extension, internal one, (there’s cloud one also) but it seems it has project size limit to 400 KB, so far my experience, I haven’t see any benefit of A.I. Just a few auto suggestion based on how much I often write same line (like IO.puts("+++++")) that’s all nothing much. I know it’s an extension it wouldn’t provide much but I don’t want to share my code with cloud :smiley:

even stuppier :frowning:

and sometimes accidentally I completed it since it’s our default behaviour. It’s annoying.

Any experience on TabNine?

I’ve tried tabnine, but it had a bad impact on system memory, always hogging at least 25% of RAM, suggesting a lot of stuff that simply makes no sense right now right here, and even somehow priotized its nonsense much higher than suggestions that came from the actual languages engine that are at least roughly based on context, like exptected types or struct fields etc.

Perhaps it works better when in cloud mode, though I never was able to try that, due to company restrictions.

I also never tried it with elixir, but python and go only.

Isn’t Tab9 actually learning gradually? Using it in VSCode, no performance problems, sometimes nonsense, but it does seem to me that it improved over a couple of weeks. Does it have some local self-learning mechanism? Or global one?

It did not improve for me… It even got worse, as it proposed completions across projects.

Strange. Maybe you could get in touch with the makers? You’re one of the smartest guys around here, and your advice would be helpful for them. I like the general idea of the product very much. I have no affiliation to them :wink:

I mailed them with the problems I have observed, I never got a reply.

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