Attaching to node with custom -name returns "Node app@host is not running!"

I’m trying to set up a multi-node system running on multiple servers. To do this, I’ve created a custom vm.args file for the distillery deployment which sets the -name arg to be app@host which seems to work fine. I can start the application, and it is running just fine. Looking at ps aux shows the beam.smp running with the correct -name and -setcookie arguments.

But now I’m unable to attach to the node which I could do just fine before. Using ‘app/bin/app attach’ now returns the error “Node app@host is not running!”. But it is very much running. So how do I attach to the node now? Am I missing something?

This was fixed by setting the .erlang.cookie file on the server to match the one I passed through the -setcookie param.

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