Authenticated user data is not being passed to live component in tests

I’m trying to test a record creation page which requires authentication. Here is a snippet of live files structure:

- live
  - item_live
    - form_component.ex
    - form_component.html.heex
    - index.ex
    - index.html.heex

This is a snippet of my test:

test "saves new item", %{conn: conn} = params do
  conn = conn |> log_in_user(params.user)
  {:ok, view, _html} = live(conn, Routes.item_index_path(conn, :new))
  {:ok, _, html} =
    |> form("#item-form", item: params.item)
    |> render_submit()
    |> follow_redirect(conn, Routes.item_index_path(conn, :index))
  assert html =~ "Item created successfully"

When render_submit is called, it triggers form_component and it is rendered twice. During the first render, socket in form_component has logged in user data. But after the second rendering, socket doesn’t have the data.

It’s happening only during testing. In the regular web app, the socket preserving the user data.

My question is why the socket is not preserving user data? How can I pass data from live_view to a live_component?