Autocomplete with @impl true

There are no autocomplete and docs in iex for functions labeled as @impl true. Why?

The callbacks are not meant to be called by user code directly so @impl true adds @doc false, see

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I have MyModule.Provider behaviour. Also, I have a set of providers (MyModule.Provider.Provider1, MyModule.Provider.Provider2) which implement that behaviour.
I did create MyModule which also implements MyModule.Provider behaviour but its implementation is mainly redirection to another provider - it takes provider module from config. And my main module doesn’t have docs because of that. Is the approach bad?

Rather than documenting the per-function implementation of the protocol(or behaviour), since a protocol/behaviour is always implemented as a whole (and since those functions are not to be called directly), you probably should add protocol/behaviour-implementation notes to the @moduledoc (the module documentation) instead.