Backend Software Engineer - Elixir

Vody is a venture-backed startup focused on the latest in big data, natural language processing, and machine learning technologies to enhance recommendation systems. Our platform integrates streaming service data with third-party and publicly available information to discover relevant content and novel relationships.

About us

My name: Josh
My position: Product
Company name: Vody
Country: US
Company info and history:

A small but growing team of 7 engineers of backend, dev ops and ML engineers. Started out as an app and grew to 1M+ downloads, but focusing on more interesting technology now. 2 years old. Venture-backed and founders sold the last company for $100M+

Elixir is the glue that holds our system together. We love its concurrency and ability to hit AWS’s 1000 concurrent jobs limit easily.

About the job

Job title: Backend Software Engineer/Senior Backend Software Engineer (DOE)
Job description:
In order to execute our vision, we need to grow our team of best-in-class engineers. We are looking for developers who are excited about launching new products and features, who can work autonomously and aren’t afraid to try new technologies, and who don’t back down from the challenges of scale.

How you will have an impact:

Contributing meaningfully to core systems, from design thru implementation and maintaining ownership throughout development into production.

Ensuring overall stability and performance of high volume transactions and distributed processes while scaling.

Investigating and implementing solutions for data ingestion, processing, and machine learning.

Solving complex technical problems across all services and at all levels of the stacks.

Salary range: 100k - 140k
Position on remote work: 1 day a week. Located in Hollywood, ca
Qualifications or experience required:

3-5 years production software development experience.

Experience with Jenkins and Terraform managed AWS infrastructure.

Experience with AWS services (ECR, Lambda, SQS, CloudWatch, Route53).

Hands on programming with Python; Elixir a plus.

Comfortable with support tools (Docker, Git, Bash, AWS CLI)

Production experience with ETL and asynchronous pipelines.

Experience with relational (Postgres/RDS) and nosql (DynamoDB) databases.

Demonstrated ability to actively participate in the design of complex systems.

Willingness to dive in on rapidly evolving challenges in a team environment.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

Solving complex technical problems across all services and at all levels of the stacks
Working to build Vody’s core applications and systems.

About the interview process

  • Phone interview
  • Off site drinks and chat
  • Remote technical chat
  • On-site meet the team.

Can be done as quickly as scheduling allows.

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