Bad alias? Scrivener pagination can't find the Repo?

I noticed that when my app shared the same module name as one of my resources, things get weird. This might be a noob mistake, but since I’m developing a microservice dedicated for interacting with a single resource, it did make sense to name the app after the resource. I was working on getting pagination working on my JSON index endpoint – I followed the article on to get the scrivener_ecto package ( working.

When I start the Phoenix server, I got a warning like this:

warning: function Myresource.MyresourceCtx.Myresource.Repo.paginate/2 is undefined (module Myresource.MyresourceCtx.Myresource.Repo is not available)

My controller uses a simple alias:
alias Myresource.Repo

  def index(conn, params) do
    page =
      |> Repo.paginate(params)

    |> Scrivener.Headers.paginate(page)
    |> render("index.json", resource: page.entries)

So it looks like Elixir gets confused by that name… Repo.paginate isn’t a method on Myresource.MyresourceCtx.Myresource.Repo – it’s a method on Myresource.Repo. I know I shouldn’t have named my application this way, but why does Elixir get confused?

(I was able to get this working on a separate Phoenix app where I didn’t mix up my module names).

Do you have any other aliases in that file? Could it be possible you are bitten by this?

Additionally to what @voger said, please also check in your XWeb module if the controller/0 function does add any uses and aliases and take them into account when reasoning about the order of alias. Or any other use you might have as well.


Ah, of course… yeah, one alias resolved into another creating a compound trainwreck of my module names. I hadn’t thought that through as I carelessly added the aliases. Thank you!

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