Bash vs ZSH

In theory, this is just a plugin away for zsh

Even more, in zsh there is a simple on the fly generator, that can create completion from --help if that adheres a certain format.

So, nothing that convinces me about fish.

And yea, “it doesn’t click” might be the same for me, just holding on the alias thing and POSIX syntax to have a “reason”…

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I vote for some cross shell standard for auto completion , then each shell can parse it :slight_smile:

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Fish is very much about ergonomics, so I don’t think you’ll find a hard reason to switch from talking to people about it.

If you’re curious I think the best thing to do would be to use it for enough time to get familiar with it and then see how it feels to you. :slight_smile:

As I said already, I have tried it again and again, and even forced myself to do so for over a month, but it doesn’t work for me.


Interview with the author of the Fish Shell