BBC Elixir Senior Software Engineer | On-site or remote

Senior Elixir Engineer - BBC, UK

Introductory paragraph

You’ll be joining a small, focused team working on a reusable cross-platform resiliency layer. You will design solutions based around AWS infrastructure and will write high quality, scalable Elixir code.

About us

My name: Ettore Berardi

My position: Team Lead

Company name: BBC


Country: UK

Company info and history:

We use Elixir to route millions of requests per hour to backend services, providing a performant and highly available resiliency layer for a big part of the BBC web traffic.

About the job

Job title: Senior Software Engineer

Job description:

Your work will be used and directly impact the company almost immediately.

Salary range: Competitive

Position on remote work: Very flexible, We work remotely and also have offices in Glasgow, London, Manchester, Cardiff. The candidate should be resident in the UK.

Qualifications or experience required: Experience with Elixir, experience with AWS.

What the successful job applicant will be working on:

The team owns the design and build process of services that keep our products running well - including build and deployment tools, config management, monitoring and reporting. You’ll provide capabilities as-a-service for other teams to use and be a centre of excellence for our use of Cloud technologies.

About the interview process

|> cv()
|> informal_chat()
|> coding_test()
|> interview()

Further info


It’s great seeing the BBC expand their Elixir team! If you get a moment, maybe you could write up a little more about how you’re using Elixir, Ettore? (We have a #community:showcase for stuff like that - you could either post directly in there, or on a blog then post a thread linking to it there) :blush:


I love the piping interview process. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This must be the best description ever :smile: