BEAM crashing without erl_crash.dump

I am getting intermittent BEAM crash and the weird thing is I am not seeing any erl_crash.dump (AFAIK any BEAM failure would generate this file as there’s one time my Linux OOM killed my beam.smp and there is this file) and I cannot find any related logs on dmesg, /var/log/messages etc.

I am suspecting a NIF segfault crashed my entire VM but the only library I used in my Phx app that involved NIF is bcrypt_elixir but I am open to any ideas on debugging what crashed my BEAM.

Thanks in advance.

What makes you think it was a crash? If there are really no logs, it could have shut down cleanly…

Not very likely but it’s possible.

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I am actually using Distillery to build my Phoenix app and I don’t see any reason it got shut down by its own as nobody else had access to the system.