Best Linux laptop for developers?


Hey @bmitch look this video out… I would just switch the Windows OS by Ubuntu :wink:

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MacBooks after 2015 are crap and that’s sadly undeniable.

That being said, the MBP 2015 is still the best machine I’ve ever tried in my life, out of the 20+ different ones (and I tried really hard to love Linux on the desktop before). The MBP works at least three times faster than my otherwise pretty beefy gaming PC when it comes to development. Even with an external Apple monitor the MBP 2015 is still not running that hot and fans are spinning hard only when I do a lot of compilation.

Not sure if Apple sees the damage they do on their own brand but they really need to get it together. Right now their only computers worth buying are the MBP 2015 and the mega-expensive iMac Pro 2017 – since it will likely last you no less than 7 years, if not 10+.

Off-topic: their last two iPhone generations aren’t that remarkable either. I’m seriously contemplating downgrading my X for 8 Plus. The iPad Pros however… yeah, good luck to any other vendor beating those, ever.


I know, I’m late to the game. But if you are living around Germany you can take a look at TUXEDO. I have the previous Infinitybook and I am very happy with it. Okay, you can get the same body from other manufacturers, but the hardware is specifically selected for running Linux and you can max it out without paying the “fancy hardware manufacturer tax” in the end. But the more important thing is their support. I was once on a trip through France, Spain, Portugal and back without a permanent address. They where perfectly happy to send me a replacement part somewhere to Spain even though it took three weeks in the end to get the failing part back on their side without charging me in the meantime. This is how support looks like! My next laptop will again be from TUXEDO!


Looks good!

My dell precision have already 2 years, I’m still pretty happy with it :+1: also I’ve got really good experience with business support from Dell in the past, with on site technician replacing keyboard, fan, etc without any extra costs :wink:


This is exactly why I have held onto my 2015 MBP and not upgraded. It works perfectly well for me without any issues.