Best online course to learn front-end

I want to study front-end development before reading programming Phoenix. Is there any online course to learn HTML, CSS , JavaScript and Vue.js ?

I wonder if the ones in Udemy are interesting ? Or do you know better ?

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Regarding Udemy, I found this Vue.js course quite useful:

It’s very comprehensive but also long…

Edit: Just seeing that the course is currently discounted to $10 during this week.

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I’d recommend these two:

Both teaches you Node with Express along with the basics (and advanced) concepts of web development, and the second one takes you through React. Then you can apply a few concepts to Vue if you feel that React isn’t for you. BTW, Vue’s documentation is very well written if you want a free resource.

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I don’t mind paying if the course is worth.
I want a good and easy framework for my personal project not for employment. So trendy frameworks are not for me. Plus React has a weird Facebook clause and I don’t agree with that.

My project is not a SPA. It’s web app for desktop not mobile. The web app offers file management, workflows Created by users etc.

Considering this complexity is Ember suitable ? Or Vue is ok ?

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Not anymore, React now is under MIT license, just like Vue:

Ember is a full-featured framework, so it’s commonly used for building SPA’s. If you only need rendering dynamically some parts of your project, either React or Vue are great choices. If you like Ember’s syntax, you can take a look to Glimmer.js to build components and posteriorly migrate your application to Ember if you need.

I’d recommend you to learn the basics first, maybe your application doesn’t need Ember/React/Vue/Whatever and you are fine with vanilla JavaScript or jQuery.

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They can be used for part of a page but ultimately they drive towards SPA design (or even PWA - progressive web app).

Have a look over some of the results of this search:

Phoenix uses EEx templates for multi-page applications - no JavaScript framework required. JavaScript becomes necessary if you want to use Phoenix channels on your web page - whether that requires an SPA depends on what you want to do.

Also a bit of npm/Node.js is required because these days it’s the JavaScript-powered “backbone” of web development asset management (it has more or less taken over from Bower).

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