Best Place for Elixir Remote Jobs

It would be great to help the people with jr knowledge of elixir for pointing them to correct direction with the jobs that help their career. If you find one such thing, I beg pardon to post


I agree, great idea.

Have a nice day

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I’m not really sure what you mean - do you mean a list of vacancies?

We have a jobs section :003: #elixir-jobs


A junior remote Elixir job is a unicorn at this point to be honest never seen one, I think I saw a total of 2 remote positions for Elixir and neither was purely elixir one was mostly node and some elixir the other was mostly Ruby and both for senior people.


I’m already Elixir junior with remote job :smile:
As @AstonJ already wrote there is special section to research that information (from where I found job).
It’s not a 8h/5d job, but it’s easy (I’m junior, but I’m learning really fast) and well paid.
Of course I don’t expect that I will find job like it so fast, but this is really helpful.
I can continue learning and I’m in better way to release next opens source projects. For example in next days you can expect a first release of Elixir Version Manager from me. :smile:
Thanks to @jeffdeville!

P.S.: Found a job is easy. Just look for it yourself. In this case you should not rely on the other people help (especially on the labor offices). It’s just my (partially) sad experience. :077:


I’m looking for an elixir job too. (junior position), but have not found so far, or just was not the right candidate, dunno. Meanwhile I got some clients on upwork to do elixir stuff… and I think it’s cool :slight_smile:

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For putting yourself out there, we’ve also got a Dev Profiles section :023: