Best (Web?-)IDE to develop Phoenix applications on iOS in 2023?

I do all of my Phoenix Framework work on macOS. For development I use Visual Studio Code (90%) and vim. I entertain the idea of buying an iPad for travelling because of it’s physical small footprint. I don’t want to use it as a main work station but I’d like to do some work while being on a train. I wonder if that is feasible at all? Of course I can use an SSH client on iOS to work on my server but I wonder how other Elixir developers work on iOS if at all. Is there a good IDE? Maybe some web based IDE? What makes most sense? Or is that not feasible at all?

Since you said you use VS Code, you may want to look at Github Codespaces, but I can’t speak to its quality as a primary coding environment since I just use neovim on my own laptop. I’ve heard from acquaintances that the dev-containers feature is neat.

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I haven’t found a single working example configuration for using Elixir/Phoenix within GitHub Codespaces. In case somebody here has a running configuration: Would you mind to share it?